Are you a plugin developer #wordpress #woocommerce? There is an opportunity out there to offer an extension for PagSeguro gateway.

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Do you know PagSeguro?

“PagSeguro, founded in 2007, is the first choice, to small business, in the Brazilian market with regard to the choice of online payment methods, surpassing the recognized Elavon and Getnet. It already has over 500,000 sellers and more than 40 million buyers, becoming thus the largest online payment platform in Brazil.In Brazil, a huge e-commerce market a lot of stores need to offer products and services through Woocommerce stores and be paid as recurring payments and that is quite different than monthly installments.” (Fintech Brazil

Recurring payments is great not only because the customer doesn’t have to pay extra taxes and for a lot of o services where he has the offer to leave at any time as me membership programs or protected content websites.

The issue is that the current plugins for #WooCommerce for PagSeguro, the official from PagSeguro and outdated (it does not work with 3,0) plugin and the Woocommerce 3.0, they both don’t support the creation of a product which price is a recurring payment.

Here the automated translation for the page with technical data about how the checkout for recurring payments occurs:

Transparent Recurring Payment


With Transparent Recurring Payment, your application can easily and easily recoup your billing without the need to redirect the customer to PagSeguro. Recurring Payment is available for Seller and Business accounts and only accepts payment by credit card.

How it works?

With the Recurring Payment you create a plan, defining the rules of collection, periodicity, value, among others. With the plan you’ve created, your app registers the buyers to be charged to the desired plan. In addition, you can set a discount for the next charge, list payments for a plan, make payment retry, change the status of a recurrence, and also change your payment method.Here’s how to integrate the PagSeguro Recurring Payment into your system:





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